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Question Hi. I'm just bothering you here because I'm too lazy to go on my email and you always seem to know who I am this way. My parents want me to meet up with you at anime iowa because they think it's going to be unsafe and safer with a friend. Also, when are you doing your sherlock cosplay? I why wasn't I aware of this? It's a good thing I didn't buy a cane.

Umm well I’ll be around at anime Iowa so you can probably locate me there somehow. Also I’m probably doing Sherlock Saturday evening/night (that’ll still be like 4-6 ish hours of Sherlock though) And if you weren’t aware it’s because I only finished my Sherlock cosplay like two weeks ago

Ooh look a tag thingy from magnificentwatson

No I don’t want to

Favorite fictional character(s)?
You mean all of them
Worst movie you’ve seen?
The film adaptation of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind was disappointing because the books were soooooo good

Are you easily scared?
Not usually, but sometimes loud or unexpected sounds catch me off guard
Are Minnesotan accents cool or annoying?
They are absolutely cool! My family is actually from there so when we visit relatives I can pick up the northern accent really easily
Cats, dogs or neither?
Dogs dogs dogs
Who’s the coolest person you know?
Pretty much everyone I know is cool in their own special way
What is the purpose of the appendix?
It’s for magic-doing
Do you have any interesting talents?
I can lick my elbow
Favorite thing about yourself?
My mind is infinitely entertaining so I’m never bored
USUK of the Hetalia fandom is like the one thing I can’t do.

Question You're doing request? If so just randomly throwing it out there Wonder Woman vs Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail.

Sure thing but I won’t post it to my sherlock blog, I’ll post it to my side blog aggressively-awkward when it’s finished